(2003) Zelda Wind Waker

Zelda: The Wind Waker – Pennywise “Who’s On Your Side?”

About the Video

Basic Info

Original Release Date: 07/02/03
Public Release Date: 03/15/04
Video Length: 3:24
Type: Machinima Music Video


A machinima music video for the song “Who’s On Your Side?” by Pennywise. It’s made entirely with footage from the game “Zelda: The Wind Waker” (see “Making the Video” for more information, scroll down a little bit). Some people might avoid this video because it’s from a video game, so it can’t POSSIBLY be worth watching, right?

Almost every scene matches the beats in the song, and a lot of parts match the lyrics (e.g. “As we drown you’re slowly letting go” lyrics as footage of Link falling plays). You might think that’s kinda corny, but don’t worry–so do I.

About the Spoilers in the Video

There really aren’t any bad ones. You get to SEE Zelda, Ganon, the first boss, etc. They’re such quick scenes that they’re basically just screenshots, they don’t give away any secrets. If you don’t want to see ANYTHING from the game before you play it, then hurry up and go beat it! If you’ve read reviews and seen screenshots, then there probably isn’t anything you haven’t seen already. It does show a lot of the weapons though. Although when you think about it, if you’re the type of person who loves Zelda so much that you don’t want anything spoiled, you’ve probably already beaten it.

Extra Info

I finished this video in July of 2003 and a select group of people saw it. I was too lazy to update this site so it was never “officially” released until March of 2004.

This video will make more sense if you’ve actually played Wind Waker. It’s not required, it’s just that there are a bunch of parts that you won’t really get. One example is my favorite part of the video, which is when Link pulls out the necklace with the stone pendant (pirate’s charm). It glows bright blue as the lyrics “a voice in the dark” play. In the game Tetra gives you that charm, and she uses it to talk to you telepathically (it’s magic). Hence, “a voice in the dark.”

Some parts would be funnier if you’ve played the game. For instance, the very first scene shows Medli jamming on her harp. In the game she’s playing a slow song, so it’s kind of funny to see her playing fast to Pennywise. Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know.

Then there are things like Fishman mouthing the words “Who’s on your side?” while the subtitles say the same, which of course is not something he says in the game.

Making the Video

I don’t really remember why I even made this video, except that I love the game. It’s all footage that I recorded of myself playing. I think almost all of it was purposely for the video, but I don’t really remember. When I started recording I was close to finished with the game. I went around and recorded all my favorite parts, although there were some things I couldn’t get because they had already been completed (bosses, talking to certain characters, etc.). So after I beat the game I started over so I could get more of the early stuff. You can tell by how many hearts I have.

The video is a mixture of cut-scenes and gameplay. It’s very obvious which is which because you can see the hearts in the top left and the weapons at the top right in all of the parts where I’m actually playing. Like I said, I actually recorded the gameplay with the intent to make this video, so there actually was some direction involved, not just editing. Thanks to the in-game camera system I was able to get some pretty cool angles, such as the top view of Link climbing up a rope or the scene with the Bubbles. Really no one would ever play the game with that view, you normally want to see where you’re going.

So while I didn’t use any special tools or mods, I still consider this machinima, if a basic form of it.


ZxExRxOxDxOxWxN: “I fuckin’ loved it. That scene of ‘A ship lost at sea’ is so awesome”

ShaneDLM: “haha..nice”

Jester: “it was cool, nice cel shaded tommy gun, haha, yoyo weapon, classic”

Briggity Brak: “dammit. I really need to play more windwaker”

epski: “The Zelda thing was cool.”

PMA: “Sorry i dont dig cartoon/video game ‘music’ videos.”

randyandy: “i dont usually go for that sort of stuff either but it was pretty good. well done”

Coppins: “…really well done. The timings was very good most of the time and the clips fit
in well with the music. I mean, when the song was pushing the clips was kinda pushing.”

feedmeimskinny: “Good deal man.”

willba: “zelda….!! fuckin nerd!”

mike: “i like the tommy gun character with the yo-yo…..funny shit”

Forum Reviews

Leo: “Pretty funny and cool. I like the part where Medli is playing her
harp. Awesome.”

wiredbilly: “Wow that’s really cool. I love how everything’s in perfect
sync with the music… well done”

the_real_link: “Now that i got it working. Good job.”

Mr_Bojangless: “Nice work. I enjoyed this video. I like the part where he
jumps off the cliff in slow motion, goes good with the music. Also the
part where Zelda turns around, nice timing.”

Kaya: “Wow, that was a really great music video!”

H’ey: “Coolies!!! It’s fab! All the shots go so well with the music too!
It’s brilliant! ^-^”

Nothern Touch: “Nice Nice I Like It. Good Quality Video. Even Tho I Dont
Like Rock LoL.”

General Onox: “Its very nice, but why does Ganondorf appear only once?”

Tseil: “Wow! ^_^ You did I really great job on this movie, I like, I
like! ;3”

Lyrics: Pennywise – Who’s On Your Side?

I’m not positive about all of the lyrics, but who’s the
genius who posted “Do you know who you wrap again?” for the
line that I’m pretty sure is “Do you know who you’re up against?”

Looking ahead, not far away
Someday soon but not today
Things may get better, things may get worse
Depending on who gets there first
Nothing in common, nothing will change
Together we’ll go our separate ways
Nothing to stop us from caving in
Someone’s got to lose when someone wins

Look at the world you’re living in
Someday you’ll have to pick a side
For the rest of your life
Who’s on your side?

A voice in the dark a light in the haze
A flame that burns then fades away
Alone in the night, a ship lost at sea
A state of emergency
With no way of knowing what’s coming next
Survival of who fits in best
Looking for answers, but where to begin?
We all want to know how this one ends

Look at the world you’re living in
Someday you’ll have to pick a side
For the rest of your life
Who’s on your side?

Look at the world you’re living in
Who’s on your side?
Do you know who you’re up against?
Who’s on your side?
Who’s on your side?

This isn’t make believe
A faded picture show
As we drown you’re slowly letting go

Look at the world you’re living in
Someday you’ll have to pick a side
For the rest of your life
Who’s on your side?

Look at the world you’re living in
Who’s on your side?
Do you know who you’re up against?
Who’s on your side?
Who’s on your side?

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