Summit Ice Softshell Jacket Review + Photos

If you’ve never heard of Summit Ice, then you need to go watch Nathan For You (funniest show on TV). For everyone else who might want to buy one of these jackets, here are some extra photos and thoughts (above is a fake ad I made for it).

The jacket is actually shipped by King’s Road Merch. I had no problems with my order, but there are some complaints online, so YMMV. The jackets are a bit expensive, but all the profits really do go to charity (assuming that’s not a lie).  If you just want a new jacket, I’m sure there are better ones out there for cheaper, but this one isn’t bad. It’s fairly light (you can actually see light shining through it if you hold it up), but it is decently warm. I don’t think you’ll actually be climbing mountains with this, though. It’s perfect for Fall weather. I’ll see how it holds up once it starts snowing, but I may have to switch.

The logo is embroidered on the jacket–I was worried it would just be printed on or something, but it’s not. It looks great. You can see a close-up photo of it below.

Here’s a sizing chart for the jacket, sent to me by King’s Road Merch (click for large version):



Tommy Gun’s Treadmill Desk (component breakdown with prices) [updated 1 year later]


Hate reading? Watch the video! (More info here, though.)


This is my treadmill desk! As of this writing, I have been using this for five months. This is not a new idea (I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw this video five years ago), but I haven’t seen anyone use these particular parts. If you’re interested in “building” one, this page will give you Amazon links, prices, and advice (though I’m certainly no expert). Prices are what I paid on Amazon; they may have changed since then. Links will open in new tabs.
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“Lion’s Den” Photo Gallery

Here are most of the photos I took at the film shoot for “Lion’s Den.” I was trying to get “action shots” of everyone there, so a lot of these aren’t the greatest, but I figured the people in them still might want them. Some are a bit blurry, badly framed, and taken in low light, but I removed the really bad and redundant ones. Here is the flash gallery:

I recommend clicking the “full screen” button at the top right, and turn on autoplay if you’d like. You can also use your arrow keys to cycle through the photos. If you want to download these photos, you can browse the raw directory here:

The flash gallery lists the file names if you just want a few. Otherwise, you can use an FTP client, or a Firefox add-on like DownThemAll! to download them easily.