Yo-Yo Ring Grinds (IRG)

I just thought I should mention something since a lot of people are starting to do ring grinds (largely due to Andre’s video for the Dark Magic). It’s important that you refer to them as “ring grinds” or “inner ring grinds” rather than “thumb grinds.” For one, you can use any finger to do them. Two, a thumb grind is actually a completely different trick! A thumb grind is when you grind the whole yo-yo on your thumb. In fact, I did the first thumb grind back in 2000 in the first Chicago Crew video! (You can download it in our videos section, the part is 2:40 into it. Edit: see video below.)

So, I’m just trying to prevent another widespread misspelled “kwyjibo,” or another “a plastic whip is a laceration, right?” epidemic. DocPop just released a video called “Thumb Grinds are Easy” that he let me watch before he released it, but I didn’t mention the name until it was too late!

2013 Edit: I’m sorry for coining this term. I think “ring grinds” (or rim grinds) is fine, and the same length as “thumb grinds.” IRG is kind of dumb, though.

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