Yo-Yo Ring Grinds (IRG)

I just thought I should mention something since a lot of people are starting to do ring grinds (largely due to Andre’s video for the Dark Magic). It’s important that you refer to them as “ring grinds” or “inner ring grinds” rather than “thumb grinds.” For one, you can use any finger to do them. Two, a thumb grind is actually a completely different trick! A thumb grind is when you grind the whole yo-yo on your thumb. In fact, I did the first thumb grind back in 2000 in the first Chicago Crew video! (You can download it in our videos section, the part is 2:40 into it. Edit: see video below.)

So, I’m just trying to prevent another widespread misspelled “kwyjibo,” or another “a plastic whip is a laceration, right?” epidemic. DocPop just released a video called “Thumb Grinds are Easy” that he let me watch before he released it, but I didn’t mention the name until it was too late!

2013 Edit: I’m sorry for coining this term. I think “ring grinds” (or rim grinds) is fine, and the same length as “thumb grinds.” IRG is kind of dumb, though.

Yo-Yo: Tommy Gun’s Trip to MWR 2004

About This Video

This is a video about my trip to MWR 2004. It is NOT heavy on tricks, so don’t download it expecting to learn all the new tricks. There is so much more to a contest than the freestyles. This video is an attempt to capture all that stuff that you normally miss out on in trick videos. There were other people going around filming tricks, so I had a feeling there would be other clip videos up and I didn’t want to be redundant.

I made this video partly for all the people who don’t get to go to contests, or who missed this one specifically. That’s why I put in footage of Dave announcing the winners and things like that that most of us take for granted. Stuff like that isn’t really *exciting*, but if you haven’t been to a contest you might like to see it. I tried to keep things relatively short though, so it shouldn’t be boring even if you were there. I filmed at rather odd times, so it’s kind of weird. We got to the BBQ pretty late so that’s one reason there isn’t more “day” footage from the BBQ.

The unfortunate part in filming a video like this is that I’m barely in it at all! The only part I’m in is when Rob and I were at Air Traffic playing with these tube toy things. I guess that’s ok though, since watching the video is basically how I saw everything since it’s from my perspective.

I went to the contest with my friend Jesse, so there’s some footage of him in this video. I also spent a lot of time hanging out with Rob Kitts, Justin Holinka, etc. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with Alex Berenguel, but I was busy catching up with all the people I hadn’t talked to in a couple years. I did get Alex to do some tricks, and a few are in the video.

Simon’s freestyle:
There’s a part in the video where I show footage of Simon’s first freestyle when his music was skipping. I hope no one misinterprets it and thinks I’m making fun of either him or the people who run the contest. It was no one’s fault, and they all did a great job on the contest. It was really a minor problem but it was kind of funny so I put it in the video.

I feel really stupid, but I accidentally misspelled Jesse’s name “Jessie” in the end of the video. Yeah. Sorry. That’s what happens when you stay up late making videos.


The only part of this video I was actually looking forward to making was the intro. After that I really had no idea what to do. I just sort of randomly chose songs to use, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

By the way, if your parents are within earshot when you’re watching this video, make sure they know that the song is called “Renegades of Funk” and not some other four-letter word.

If you’re wondering what the deal is with the song “Around the World,” it’s sort of an inside joke. If you’ve been in the yo-yo scene for more than a couple years you probably get it. It’s not really worth explaining, but it’s a running gag.

This video has footage of:

  • The drive to Minnesota
  • Dave Schulte’s BBQ
  • Talking around the bonfire at the BBQ
  • Some random announcements
  • Awards announcements
  • Playing with toys at Air Traffic
  • Stupid stuff we did in the mall

Many of those scenes are cut very short, so don’t think it’s going to be a really boring video. I tried to make it as entertaining as possible.

Since you can download the videos of The Stupid Trick Contest and the Freestyles separately on this site, this video does not have footage of either–although it has a few shots of Rob’s one minute freestyle and Simon’s first freestyle, but that’s it.